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7 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 39 an act concerning the minimum fair wage and employees who customarily and regularly receive gratuities Status: Awaiting Action

Increases costs for restaurants and bars by removing the minimum wage tip credit.

7 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 40 an act concerning employer inquiries about an employee's or prospective employee's credit history Status: Awaiting Action

Takes away an employer's ability to conduct credit history checks on employees that have access to $2,500 or more of an employer's non-financial assets, unless those non-financial assets are museum or library collections or prescription drugs.

7 days old CBIA Monitoring
SB 41 an act concerning the labor department Status: Awaiting Action

Requires a study on the policies and procedures within the labor department.

7 days old CBIA Monitoring
SB 42 an act concerning employee wages Status: Awaiting Action

Requires the labor commissioner to establish a program to evaluate employee wages in the state.

3 days old CBIA Monitoring
SB 66 an act extending paid sick leave to school paraprofessionals Status: Awaiting Action

Increases costs for municipalities by adding paraprofessional to the enumerated list of job titles eligible for the paid sick leave mandate.