June is Men's Health Month
Find out what you can do to increase awareness of men's health issues.

National Great Outdoors Month is here
Find out how and where to celebrate.






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Wellness Works

Putting national observances to work for your company

Summer's rapidly approaching, which means the year is half gone. Or, on a more positive note, you still have six months in 2015 to plan some fun, competitive and interesting health and wellness activities for your workforce!

One CBIA Health Connections  (Read more)

An Ounce of Prevention

Milking it

Whole milk, low-fat, two percent, silk, goat, almond, lactose free . . . there's even coconut milk! Confused? If you're wondering what is what and which is better - or best for you and your family - here's a quick primer to help you sort out the fat from the soy in your  (Read more)

It's Seasonal

Welcome to Lyme Disease central

It's nice to brag about Connecticut's shoreline, rolling hills, beautiful rivers and scenic vistas. We're among the leaders in quality of life, have a highly skilled workforce, and a history rich in innovation, invention and discovery. Unfortunately, we're also the national  (Read more)

Wellness Matters

Stemming the spread of common - and potentially deadly - infections

Germs, bacteria and viruses surround us, but fortunately, the human immune system is typically well equipped to fight many common bugs. For those that we can't fight on our own, there are effective countermeasures to help us contain or prevent infections that range in  (Read more)



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