Save at least 25% on environmental services

Industrial cleaningCBIA's strategic partnership with Heritage-Crystal Clean, the second largest parts cleaning and industrial waste service provider in the U.S., means significant savings for member companies.

Heritage-Crystal Clean focuses on the environmental service needs of manufacturers, with an array of services for other industries with unique waste streams, including healthcare facilities, printing companies, and the plastics industry.

The company boasts an outstanding record of environmental compliance.


  • Antifreeze recovery and processing   
  • Aqua filtration systems
  • CrystalSorb absorbents
  • Drum disposal
  • Environmental audits
  • Manifest and label preparation
  • Oil recovery and re-refinery
  • Parts cleaning services (solvent and aqueous)
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Waste recovery, filtration, minimization and management

CBIA member pricing program

  • Minimum 25% discount on all services
  • Larger volume discounts available
  • No set-up or installation fees
  • No waste profile fees
  • Significant cost reduction for CBIA members

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