Lower your credit card processing fees

Heartland payment processingHeartland Payment Systems is one of the nation's largest debit and credit card payment processing services. They are a trusted industry leader that will bring you value, savings, and peace of mind.

In fact, before granting them preferred vendor status, CBIA conducted an internal pilot with Heartland and was able to achieve immediate savings AND faster receipt of payments!

CBIA members receive:

  • Complimentary online payment processing system
  • Complimentary phone/tablet point-of-sale app
  • E-commerce payment portal with your merchant services order
  • 100 free gift marketing cards, with your order
  • Marketing analytics
  • Designated local training and support with 12 years of industry experience

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To get your complimentary point-of-sale for auto-drafts and more, or upgrade to EMV (chip pin payment card acceptance), complete the following form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and low CBIA member pricing.

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