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proshred-logoPROSHRED Security is a premier vendor in the CBIA Member Discounts program. As a CBIA member, you're entitled to substantial savings on their services.

PROSHRED can handle one-time, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly document purges. Their security professionals can also destroy hard drives, CDs, back-up tapes, DVDs, and a variety of other products.

PROSHRED Security is a paper shredding company that provides the most secure on-site document shredding and recycling services in Connecticut for safeguarding private information, maintaining legislative compliance, and protecting public image.

The company has more than 20 years of trusted mobile document shredding experience. With a rigorous commitment to ISO 9001 and NAID AAA quality standards, PROSHRED has pioneered the most secure and effective system for shredding confidential documents and destructing sensitive material.

PROSHRED is a locally owned, nationally operated mobile shredding service that combines unparalleled customer service with absolute document security for business, home office and residential customers.

Your sealed boxes, sealed document bags, or locked grey bins go directly, and securely, to the shredding truck parked right at your door. They never touch your paper. The material is destroyed into small random shaped pieces making them impossible to reconstruct.

It all takes place inside the secure truck under the total control of the customer service professional. Clients may witness the destruction of their documents which are never out of sight until shredding is complete.

PROSHRED provides destruction for one-time, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly purges. A certificate of destruction is provided with each and every shred.

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