Save 20%-40% on uniforms

Unifirst uniiforms discountsCBIA members save 20%-40% off UniFirst local pricing on apparel rental, leases, and purchases with various waived or discounted service fees.

Rental & lease program benefits

  • Save 20%-40% off uniform rentals & leases
  • Save 25% off catalog purchase
  • Discounted emblem/service and delivery charges
  • Pressing, repairs, size exchanges, and automatic garment replacement due to normal wear and tear included in weekly rates
  • Negotiated lost/damages charges

Facility services

On a regular schedule UniFirst will visit your place of business to pick up soiled floor mats, mops, and wiping products and replace them with fresh hygienically clean ones. UniFirst can also restock your restroom supplies with hand soaps, sanitizers, paper towels, sanitarity tissue, and air fresheners.

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