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Results for: Bioscience
107 days old CBIA Opposed
SB 13 an act reducing prescription drug prices Status: Died (Senate)

Limited pharmaceutical prices and creates a program for prescription drug reimportation from Canada.

175 days old CBIA Opposed
SB 28 an act establishing a capital gains surcharge Status: Died (Finance, Revenue and Bonding)

Would have established a 1% surcharge of net gain from sale/exchange of capital assets on certain taxpayers.

128 days old
SB 88 an act concerning aid in dying for terminally ill patients Status: Died (Judiciary)

Would have allowed competent, terminally ill adults to obtain "aid in dying" medication.

126 days old CBIA Supports
SB 89 an act concerning surgical smoke Status: Died (Senate)

Mandates surgical facilities to develop and implement a surgical smoke evacuation system.
Bill language was passed in HB 5500 Schd. A 6037 §67.

132 days old CBIA Opposed
SB 188 an act requiring brand name prescription drug manufacturers to provide samples of brand name drugs to generic prescription drug manufacturers Status: Died (Judiciary)

Would have required brand name drug manufacturers to provide samples of their drugs at wholesale cost to generic drug makers.