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Results for: Energy & Technology
33 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 4 an act concerning data privacy, net neutrality, cyber security and fairness in data usage in the new age of a digital workforce Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Creates an unnecessary and onerous regulatory burden on the state’s broadband internet service providers.

50 days old
SB 855 an act concerning the decoupling of the public utilities regulatory authority and the department of energy and environmental protection Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Requires the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection commissioner to begin the decoupling process of DEEP and the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority by Oct. 1, 2021. Additionally, the DEEP commissioner is required to report back to the legislature on the progress/recommendations of decoupling by Jan. 1, 2022.

34 days old
SB 882 an act concerning climate change mitigation and home energy affordability Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Requires the state to reduce the level of emissions of greenhouse gas by Jan. 1, 2040, to a level of zero percent from electricity supplied to electric customers in the state.

30 days old
SB 950 an act concerning the replacement of public utility poles and revising vegetation management in utility protection zones Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Mandates the time frame for the placement of lines, conduits, cables, wires, and other equipment on replaced public utility poles and expedites certain tree trimming or removal processes.

33 days old
SB 952 an act concerning certain solar energy projects Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Creates solar energy storage goals, increases the virtual net metering cap, permits ownership of solar power generation facilities by electric distribution companies and directs DEEP and PURA to investigate solar energy development programs.