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47 days old
SB 837 an act concerning the use of perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances in class b firefighting foam Status: Enacted (Public Act 21-191)

Bans the use of Class B firefighting foams that contain intentionally added perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances for training purposes.

112 days old
SB 884 an act reducing transportation-related carbon emissions Status: Died (Senate)

Allows DEEP to create a cap and trade program for carbon emissions from fossil fuel suppliers in the transportation sector with revenues used for clean transportation projects. Fifty percent must be used in communities overburdened by pollution and communities underserved by the transportation infrastructure.

47 days old CBIA Supports
SB 924 an act concerning the staffing and resources of the department of energy and environmental protection Status: Enacted (SPECIAL ACT 21-23)

Requires a report accounting for full-time and part-time staff paid from the Passport to Park's account and the estimated impact of upcoming retirements on existing or new programs.

51 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 931 an act concerning emissions standards for medium and heavy duty vehicles Status: Died (House)

Requires DEEP to assess the energy, environmental, and air quality impacts of adopting California's medium- and heavy-duty vehicle standards in Connecticut. The commissioner may adopt regulations implementing these standards to meet federal air quality standards or state greenhouse gas reduction requirements.

119 days old
HB 6386 an act concerning extended producer responsibility for tires, smoke detectors and certain gas cylinders Status: Died (House)

Section 2 of the bill requires all producers of gas cylinders to join the cylinder recycling council and submit a plan to DEEP that establishes a state-wide gas cylinder stewardship program.