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Results for: Labor & Employment
92 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 163 an act protecting employee freedom of speech and conscience Status: Enacted (PA 22-24)

Allows employees to bring civil actions against an employer if the employee is required to attend a meeting they subjectively believe in discussing political matters, including legislation or regulations that impact business operations or employer involvement in civic or community events.

106 days old
SB 210 an act concerning technical and other changes to the labor department statutes Status: Enacted (PA 22-67)

Although largely just technical changes to various labor statutes, the bill eliminates the unemployment experience rate calculations based on a single year for the years 2026 and 2027. This prevents the continuation of an unexpected problem that arose from a law enacted during the 2021 session that attempted to shield employers from a spike in their experience rates related to the surge in unemployment during the pandemic. The fix was to base the normal three year experience rate calculation off of a single year - 2019. While this helped the vast majority of businesses, a few were harmed because they had unexpectedly high layoffs in 2019 and no layoffs during the pandemic.

174 days old
SB 211 an act concerning a return to work program Status: Died (Labor and Public Employees)

Would have required the Labor Commissioner to perform a study concerning the creation of a return to work program in the state.

159 days old
SB 221 an act concerning working conditions Status: Died (Senate)

Required the Labor Commissioner to adopt regulations regarding safe and equitable working conditions for all employees in the state.

121 days old CBIA Opposed
SB 222 an act requiring notice of discontinuing prescription medicine under a workers' compensation claim Status: Died (Senate)

Required employers or insurers acting on behalf of employers to provide notice and get approval before discontinuing coverage for prescription medications.