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173 days old
HB 5142 an act concerning extended producer responsibility for certain gas cylinders Status: Enacted (Public Act 22-27)

Requires the establishment of statewide stewardship programs for gas cylinders supplied to consumers for personal, family, or household use and discarded at certain locations. Under the bill, gas cylinder producers must be part of an approved and implemented stewardship program by October 1, 2025. The bill prohibits producers who fail to participate in an approved gas cylinder stewardship plan from supplying, selling, or offering gas cylinders for sale in Connecticut, including through electronic means. Supplying also includes leasing, donating, or otherwise making available or distributing. Under the bill, a plan for a gas stewardship program must be submitted to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for approval by July 1, 2023. Among other things, a plan must minimize public sector involvement in managing discarded gas cylinders.

118 days old CBIA Supports
HB 5291 an act authorizing bonding for bikeways, greenways and recreational trails Status: Died (Finance, Revenue and Bonding)

Would have increased the bond authorizations for bikeways, greenways and recreational trails to $6 million from $3 million beginning July 1, 2022.

144 days old CBIA Supported
HB 5298 an act concerning waste-to-energy facilities Status: Died (House)

Would have established a task force to address the transition of operations of the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority.

138 days old CBIA Supported
HB 5381 an act concerning the federal clean air act fee on motor vehicle registry Status: Died (House)

Would have ensured that the revenue collected from the “Federal Clean Air Act Fee” is used to fund green transportation initiatives.