CBIA BizCast host Ali Warshavsky speaks with Kristen Cusato, director of communications with the Alzheimer's Association Connecticut Chapter, about the new FDA approved treatment for those with early signs of the disease. 

The FDA approved Aduhelm in June this year. The drug is the first disease modifying treatment of its kind that delays the onset of worse symptoms.

Cusato said the money the association raises goes towards research that helps develop drugs like Aduhelm at places like the Yale Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center or The Jackson Laboratory. 

The association’s fundraising also goes towards support groups and resources that help those diagnosed or caregivers to those with dementia and Alzheimer's find the right doctors.

Cusato’s mother had dementia and said she learned first hand how important it was for caregivers to have somewhere to go for support. 

“If you aren't taking care of yourself, you could implode, and then what happens to the person you are taking care of,” said Cusato.  

The association will hold their annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s at parks all over the state this fall. The fundraising event was held virtually last year. 

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