According to Farmington-based Global Information, Inc., a market research report aggregator, the worldwide market for green buildings is being driven by increasing awareness of environmental challenges that buildings represent. As the world's largest source of both energy consumption and carbon emissions, the global market for green building solutions has attracted over $4 billion in venture capital over the last 20 years. The future for green buildings is promising, but all of this activity has shifted the market dynamics, as some opportunities dry up and new ones fill the void.

Building a Green 21st Century: Tracking Venture Investments in Green Buildings to Uncover New Opportunities

Green buildings have emerged at the nexus of energy security, environmental sustainability, and corporate social responsibility as critical investments in the 21st Century. According to new tracking figures from Lux Research, venture capitalists have invested $4.06 billion green building developers since the year 2000: the companies behind the equipment, systems, services, and materials that improve the energy efficiency of buildings and homes. Developers like Tridium, Encelium Technologies, and SAGE Electrochromics have grown their businesses from seed-stage rounds to hugely successful exits and acquisitions by giants, and this early wave promises to keep growing. However, opportunities for some current-generation technology and material developers are nearly gone, and exit prospects for their investors are not promising. This research covers opportunities in integrated design, on-site generation, energy services, advanced building envelope, and low-carbon cement and concrete, technology areas that wise investors should pursue.

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