As Connecticut's election season shifts into high gear, business leaders are encouraged to engage with candidates and talk to their employees about the key policy issues impacting their companies.

CBIA president and CEO Joe Brennan says it's critical all voters understand where candidates for elected office from both sides of the aisle stand on those issues.

"We're not suggesting employers tell their employees how to vote," Brennan said. "Rather, they should inform them about what kinds of policy decisions will kick start Connecticut's economy and drive job growth.

"We're urging business owners and voters to support lawmakers from both sides of the aisle who will do what it takes to improve our economy and bring jobs back to the state.

"At the end of the day, it's all about providing better opportunities for everyone in our state—and to have those opportunities, we need people investing and committing to Connecticut.

"Connecticut has tremendous assets and enormous potential for economic growth, so we need policymakers who will drive the changes necessary to realize that potential."

Know, Engage, Vote

Doug Johnson, president of Marion Manufacturing Company in Cheshire, does just that, making frequent use of information provided by CBIA.

"We always share the legislative reports, legislators' voting records, and policy news published by CBIA," says Johnson.

"I highlight the areas that could have a positive or negative impact on our ability to compete and grow our company, our ability to provide fair and equitable pay, and our ability to provide cost effective healthcare benefits.

We want our employees to be knowledgeable and informed and to get out and vote for what they believe in.
— Marion Manufacturing's Doug Johnson
"We share the good and the bad news out of Hartford, as we want our employees to be informed about what is happening at the Capitol and in the communities they live and work in.

"CBIA has always been a reliable source for this information, and our employees trust what they publish.

"We simply want our employees to be knowledgeable and informed and to get out and vote for what they believe in and what they wish to see happen in Connecticut."

Build Relationships

Amanda Wiriya, manufacturing support manager at Middlefield-based Wepco Plastics Inc., also takes advantage of CBIA resources to give her company an opportunity to influence business-critical policy.

"CBIA has been instrumental in helping us develop a relationship with our state legislators," Wiriya says.

"Through CBIA events, networking opportunities, and the Adopt a Legislator program, we realized the importance and value for our business and the state’s economy of becoming actively engaged in the policymaking process.

"Without CBIA hosting one-on-one conversations with our legislators and supporting us in testifying before key decision-makers, our voice would not have been as widely heard."

Election 2018 Resources

Here are just a few ways business leaders and their employees can make a difference this election season:

  • Visit CBIA's Election Center, featuring a candidate search tool, election news, and legislative voting records.
  • Employer Toolkit. Get your employees engaged—download, print, and share key information about voter registration, polling locations and hours, and absentee ballots.
  • Host an election workshop. Conducted by CBIA public affairs staff, these workshops include information for employees on voter registration, voting resources, and how to engage with candidates.
  • Host a candidate tour of your facility to showcase your company and the positive impact it has on the community and help elected officials understand what businesses like yours need to compete and succeed.