Connecticut voters favor Democrat Hillary Clinton for U.S. president by a double-digit margin over Republican Donald Trump according to a new opinion poll released this week.

The Washington Post surveyed voters in all 50 states, with 51% of Connecticut respondents choosing Clinton and 39% opting for Trump in a two-way race.

The poll fouU.S. Presidential Election: How Will Connecticut Votend the strongest support for Clinton in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Pacific Northwest states, along with California, Hawaii, and Illinois.
Trump polled best across much of the Midwest, Great Plains, and South, although he is struggling in traditional GOP strongholds like Arizona, Texas, and Georgia.

He also has small leads in Ohio and Iowa, two battleground states, and is within four percentage points in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, states Democrats have won in six straight elections.

Trump and Clinton are tied in North Carolina, while the former U.S. Secretary of State leads by fewer than four points in Colorado and Florida.

The Post results coincide with other recent polls that show Clinton's post-convention margins shrinking--and in come cases, disappearing.

She has a three-point lead over Trump in The New York Times' latest national polling average, while Trump leads 45%-43% in a September 4 CNN poll.

The Post found Clinton's appeal among Connecticut voters narrows in a four-way race, with 44% support, while 33% chose Trump, 12% favored Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, and 5% opted for the Green Party's Jill Stein.

(Both Johnson and Stein cleared the 7,500 signature threshold within the last two weeks to qualify to appear on Connecticut ballots for the November 8 election. Johnson now has qualified in 48 states, Stein in 40.)

34% of Connecticut voters said jobs and the economy were the most important issue in this election.
The Post also asked voters to nominate the most important issues in this presidential election campaign.

Just over a third (34%) of the 1,053 Connecticut voters who were surveyed said jobs and the economy were most important, reflecting broad sentiment among voters in all 50 states.

Healthcare (17%), terrorism (15%), and the environment (10%) were the other main issues listed by Connecticut voters in the Post poll.

Connecticut voters were virtually deadlocked (50%-49%) on the question of whether a Clinton presidency would threaten the nation's well-being.

About two-thirds (67%) of those voters said a Trump presidency would threaten the country's well-being; 32% said it would not.

Will the results of this November's presidential election reduce political divisions within the country?

Seventy percent of Connecticut voters said either "not much" or "not at all."