Over the last several years, businesses have made sustainability a key part of their growth strategy.

While most of the focus has been on environmental issues, attention is now turning to other aspects of sustainability, including occupational safety and health.

This shift presents new opportunities for OSH professionals to advance the protection of workers.

The Center for Safety and Health Sustainability has released a Best Practice Guide for Occupational Health and Safety in Sustainability Reports, which outlines a framework that can be used to incorporate occupational health and safety metrics into sustainability reporting practices.

The guide was developed through a collaborative process that included some of the world's largest OSH professional organizations and represents standards of performance which are already accepted, understood, and operationalized by those managing safety and health at work.

By using this guide to engage with business leaders, OSH professionals can take a critical step in improving occupational safety and health performance and, ultimately, preventing worker injuries, illnesses and fatalities.