A service enterprise with more than 800 automotive repair centers throughout the eastern U.S. has agreed to institute procedures to protect its workers against hydraulic lift hazards.

In September 2011, OSHA cited Monro Muffler Brake Inc. for improperly inspecting and maintaining hydraulic lifts, as well as other hazards, following an incident at a Massachusetts location in which a lift failure caused a car to fall to the ground. Deficiencies exposed service center employees to being struck or crushed if the lifts failed. Monro initially contested the citations carrying proposed fines of $19,000, but now has agreed to address the issue: and not just at the Massachusetts location but companywide.

Under the agreement, Monro will develop an inspection and maintenance program for all automotive lifts at all of its federal OSHA-covered work sites. The program will comply with industry standards and include periodic inspections by qualified inspectors, procedures to remedy any potentially unsafe conditions, mandatory training for lift operators and the submission of written compliance reports to OSHA. Monro will also pay a fine of $12,500 for the violations identified at the Massachusetts center.

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