Three-quarters of business establishments used at least one green technology or practice (GTP) during 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. GTPs are those that lessen the environmental impact of an establishment's operations.

About 854,700 jobs were held by workers who spent more than half of their time involved in GTPs. Over one-quarter of these GTP jobs were in building and grounds occupations or in installation, maintenance, and repair occupations. Other BLS findings:

  • The two most frequently reported types of GTPs were those that improve energy efficiency within the establishment (reported by 57%) and those that reduce the creation of waste materials as a result of operation (55%). The least commonly used GTP was generating electricity, heat, or fuel from renewable sources primarily for use within the establishment (2%).
  • Information and educational services were among the industries with the highest incidence of GTPs, with 84% and 81% of establishments reporting the use of at least one GTP. The industries with the lowest incidence of GTPs were mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction (49%) and transportation and warehousing (61%).
  • The South had 267,600 GTP jobs, representing about 31% of total GTP employment. About 26% of GTP employment was in the West, 23% in the Midwest, and 20% in the Northeast.
  • Specific occupations with the largest number of GTP jobs included janitors and cleaners, with 56,700 GTP jobs; heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers (37,300); and general maintenance and repair workers (26,000).

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