CBIA’s BizCast talks with Roberta Wachtelhausen and Andi Campbell of WellSpark Health, the Farmington-based employee well-being solutions company. 

“We’re really trying to help employers develop a culture of well-being, not just offer a suite of benefits,” said Wachtelhausen, who is president of the ConnectiCare affiliate. “We’re trying to go beyond that by helping that employer bring forth a culture that is focused on the well being of the entire workforce.” 

Campbell, the chief growth officer, said this type of culture mitigates future healthcare costs, improves productivity and engagement, and reduces absenteeism.

“The best and most successful programming when it’s related to wellness or well-being happens outside of HR,” she said. “There’s a set of workplace behaviors that are foundational components to building well-being in a company’s DNA.” 

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