Employers can expect more clarity on Connecticut’s updated FMLA law in the coming weeks, after a recent review by the legislature’s Regulation Review Committee.

Although employed individuals in the state have been paying into the system since 2021, employees were unable to use the benefits of the program until Jan. 1, 2022. 

Despite the program being available to employees since January, a number of key regulatory definitions had not been defined by the Connecticut Department of Labor, which led to indeterminate eligibility for some applicants.  

There were a number of questions since then, prompting the DOL to propose a set of regulations with more detail and clarity to the new law. 

The LRC sent the proposed regulations back to DOL officials, with several requests for further clarification. 

The request included revisions to certain definitions in the law, many which were technical. 

DOL responded to the request, and presented changes to the LRC. 

Employers should continue to wait for further clarification prior to updating internal FMLA policies.

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