Think twice before assigning an employee any of these tasks

The ability to effectively delegate is one of the hallmarks of a good supervisor: assuming, of course, that the tasks are job-related and appropriate. A recent CareerBuilder survey, however, showed that's often not the case.

Of the 3,600 workers polled, 23% said that their supervisors have asked them to perform tasks unrelated to their job duties, including the following, where the boss asked the employee to:

  • Be prepared to delete all emails and computer files at a moment's notice
  • Spy on senior management
  • Be a surrogate mother for her
  • Buy a rifle for him
  • Post false (good) comments about him online
  • Come up with a science fair project for her daughter
  • Fire his (the boss's) brother
  • Lend him $400 for a down payment on a car
  • Remove her stitches
  • Be better friends with him
  • Scour an abandoned office building for furniture and supplies they could use
  • Bail a coworker out of jail
  • Clip her dog's nails