The state Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Workplace Standards Division recovered more than $5.5 million in unpaid wages for Connecticut workers during the past fiscal year.

This included $2 million recovered by wage enforcement staff responding to 2,453 complaints that owed wages had not been paid. The division also returned more than $1.5 million to 1,383 workers who were not paid for overtime work or the minimum wage and recovered nearly $2 million by enforcing the state's prevailing wage laws. An additional $7,700 was recouped in back pay owed to 62 service workers hired by private contractors.

Violations of prevailing wage laws were determined after investigators conducted 112 payroll audits and made 76 site inspections. A total of 672 employees received owed wages from 690 employees as a result of non-payment of prevailing wage rates.

Violations were also found in 351 additional cases concerning employment of minors in the workplace, smoking in the workplace, meal/rest periods, personnel files and drug testing procedures.

A total of 263 Stop Work orders were issued to employers who did not comply with Workers' Compensation requirements. Following on-site investigations, these companies were required to cease work on a construction project until certain workplace regulations were met. In some cases, it was determined that employers misrepresented employees as independent contractors.

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