Preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that occupational fatalities in Connecticut rose from 29 in 2013 to 33 in 2014.

Of those deaths:

  • 11 were transportation-related
  • Eight were the result of violence and other injuries inflicted by persons or animals (5)
  • Eight resulted from falls, slips, or trips
  • Three were due to exposure to harmful substances or environments
  • Two stemmed from contact with objects and equipment
  • One resulted from fire/explosion

Nationally, 4,679 fatal work injuries were recorded in 2014, an increase of 2%over the revised count of 4,585 fatal work injuries in 2013.

In 2014, fatal work injuries due to transportation incidents were slightly higher—1,891, up from 1,865 in 2013.

Overall, transportation incidents accounted for 40% of fatal workplace injuries in 2014.