Non-construction workplaces with 20 or more employees affected

On March 6, the OSHA promulgated its latest inspection plans for industries judged to be the most dangerous, that is those with the highest injury and illness rate. This program, known as Site-Specific Targeting (SST), is OSHA's main programmed inspection plan for non-construction workplaces that have 20 or more employees.

The SST plan is based on data received from the prior year's OSHA DATA Initiative (ODI) survey. The ODI survey and the SST program help OSHA achieve its goal of reducing. the number of injuries and illnesses that occur at individual workplaces by directing enforcement resources to those workplaces where the highest rate of injuries and illnesses have occurred.

Among manufacturers, the primary inspection list consists of manufacturing facilities with a Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART) rate at or above 7.0, or manufacturing facilities with a Days Away from Work Injury and Illness (DAFWII) case rate of 5.0 or above.

Among the more significant aspects of SST-14:

  • Uses CY 2011 injury and illness data to compile the targeting lists for the secondary list establishments.
  • OSHA is continuing to work with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy (ASP) on a study to measure recidivism rates of establishments that have been inspected. ASP developed the methodology of the Evaluation Study of the Impact of SST Inspections and OSHA agreed to implement the study under the SST-11, SST-12, and SST-14 programs. The study will provide insight into the effectiveness of the program. OSHA's Office of Statistical Analysis has randomly selected 2,250 establishments from both the SST-11 Primary and Secondary lists--for inspection pursuant to the Evaluation Study. These establishments were selected based on their CY 2009 injury and illness data (collected during the 2010 ODI). The SST-14 primary inspection lists for federal jurisdiction Area Offices will be comprised of 1,260 establishments selected as part of the Evaluation Study. All federal jurisdiction primary list establishments will be inspected under SST-14.
  • Programmed inspections of Nursing and Personal Care establishments will continue to be conducted under OSHA Directive CPL 03-00-016, National Emphasis ProgramNursing and Personal Care Facilities (NAICS 623110, 623210, and 623311).
  • Incorporates policy changes from OSHA Instruction CSP 03-02-003, OSHA Strategic Partnership for Worker Safety and Health, effective November 6, 2013.
  • An establishment will be deleted from the inspection list if the establishment received a comprehensive safety inspection or a records only inspection within 24 months of the opening conference date of the previous inspection.

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