Look for a revised W-4 from the IRS later this year, reflecting changes in the tax laws following the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which made major revisions affecting taxpayer withholding.

In its notice, including a draft of the revised form, the IRS reminds taxpayers that this draft Form W-4 is not for current use, but is a draft of the form to be used starting in 2020.

The IRS says the new design reduces the form's complexity and increases the transparency and accuracy of the withholding system.

"While it uses the same underlying information as the old design, it replaces complicated worksheets with more straightforward questions that make accurate withholding easier for employees," the agency says.

Employees who have submitted a Form W-4 in any year before 2020 will not be required to submit a new form merely because of the redesign.

Employers can continue to compute withholding based on the information from the employee's most recently submitted Form W-4.