Industrial service firm Advanced Technology Services, Inc. has announced that a company-sponsored study on workplace safety revealed that 83% of senior management and operations personnel have observed an increase in productivity over time due to the implementation of a safety program, and they've seen the costs of injuries and insurance claims decrease as a result.

The research was conducted with Plant Engineering magazine to better understand workplace safety in manufacturing.

The study also examined the idea of a safety culture, how far safety programs extend into the plant and beyond, and safety trends and strategies.

Primary job functions of the study respondents involved engineering, maintenance, or supervisory responsibilities.

The average respondent had 24 years of plant or engineering-related industry experience.

The research also examined work-group safety, benefits of safety programs, and challenges, strategies and technologies used to enforce safety, safety training received, frequency of and contributors to safety meetings, safety's effect on productivity, personal protective equipment, and the measurement of safety success.

Other Key Findings

  • 97% of respondents believe their employees feel safe on the job.
  • More than 75% of respondents were very committed to safety in their facilities.
  • More than 70% of facilities reported holding regular safety meetings, performing safety audits, and having established a safety committee in order to enforce safety methods.
  • Another 69% of facilities have implemented job safety analysis procedures.
  • Three-quarters of facilities measure their safety success by their number of accident reports and near-miss events, while 68% compare their OSHA recordables/time-lost accidents, and 43% observe lower workers’ compensation costs.
  • The average facility has experienced two OSHA-recordable incidents within the past six months, only one of which resulted in lost time.