Mail carrier, meter reader, farmer, and newspaper reporter top CareerCast's 2015 list of the most endangered jobs.

Other professions that made the list include farmer, logging worker, jeweler, flight attendant, drill press operator, insurance underwriter, and seamstress/tailor.

Technology has had a negative effect on several of CareerCast's most endangered jobs. Mail carrier is the most profoundly impacted and is expected to lose 28% of its workforce by 2022.

"More and more Americans are choosing to correspond via email or text message, dramatically slashing the amount of mail and reducing the need for postal services,” says Kyle Kensing, online content editor at

"Programs like PayPal also allow for people to electronically transfer funds they would have otherwise sent through the mail."

Technology has also negatively affected the job outlook for meter readers. Utility usage can now be effectively tracked digitally, eliminating the need for onsite documentation of water or electrical consumption at individual households and businesses.

Also in decline is the media industry, which is undergoing a profound transformation as outlets work to keep up with evolving technology.

From its earliest days, the internet has posed a challenge to those steering the course of newspapers, as more people began viewing their news digitally.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 13% decline in employment of newspaper reporters by 2022.

Such projections are validated by continued editorial staff cuts at such publications as the Los Angeles Times, just in the last few months of 2015.

Dwindling opportunities for newspaper reporters past and present don't mean their skills are not sought after in the job market, however.

Translating skills from an endangered job to a more in-demand field can be tough, but former newspaper reporters have opportunities to migrate from print into digital media, marketing, advertising, and public relations – fields where their skill sets transfer nicely.

According to CareerCast research, based on hiring outlook and the changing economic landscape, the following are the 10 Most Endangered jobs of 2015, each followed by its projected growth outlook by 2022 and median annual salary:

  1. Mail carrier: -28% ($53,100)
  2. Meter reader: -19% ($37,580)
  3. Farmer: -19% ($69,300)
  4. Newspaper reporter: -13% ($37,090)
  5. Logging worker: -9% ($33,360)
  6. Jeweler: -10% ($35,350)
  7. Flight attendant: -7% ($37,240)
  8. Drill-press operator: -6% ($32,950)
  9. Insurance underwriter: -6% ($62,870)
  10. Seamstress/tailor: -4% ($26,460)