The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued 315 decisions in contested cases during fiscal year (FY) 2010, which ended September 30, resolving the agency's oldest pending cases and tackling some of the issues that had deadlocked the Board as it awaited new members.

The year-end numbers represent an increase of more than 20% over last fiscal year, when the Board had only two members. The number of decisions increased sharply in the final two months of the fiscal year, suggesting a more productive Board for FY 2011.

Despite the Board's high productivity, the inventory of pending cases rose over the year, from 193 at the start of FY 2010 to 264 at the end. Among the remaining pending cases are issues related to the immigration status of workers who were victims of unfair labor practices, union access to employer property, electronic posting of Board remedial notices, and compound interest on back pay awards.

The Board currently comprises four members, all of whom are slated to remain at least until late August 2011.

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