Resolution likely a long way off

As expected, Northwestern University has requested the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to review the Chicago area's Regional Director's March 26, 2014, decision 13-RC-121359 recognizing the university's football players as employees under the National Labor Relations Act, and therefore entitled to form a union to represent them regarding terms and conditions of their "work" for the school as athletes. A player election took place on April 25, 2014, but the ballots were impounded until the NLRB issues a decision affirming, modifying, or reversing the Regional Director's decision.

The Board intends to issue a subsequent notice establishing a schedule for the filing of briefs on review and inviting amicus briefs to afford the parties and interested amici the opportunity to address issues raised in this case.

This is one game that may well run into several overtime periods before we have a final score.