OSHA wants to update its hazard communication standard, which requires that all chemicals produced in or brought into the workplace are classified and that information about the classified hazards is shared with employers and employees.

OSHA expects the update will increase worker protections and reduce the incidence of chemical-related workplace illnesses and injuries by improving information on the labels and safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals.

OSHA has scheduled a hearing Sept. 21 at 10 am on proposed rulemaking to amend the hazard communication standard webpage.

The hearing will be held virtually on WebEx and, if necessary, will continue on subsequent days from 9:30 am to 5 pm.

Information on how to access the hearing will be posted on an OSHA web page dedicated to proposed changes in the standard.

People who want to participate must submit an electronic notice of intent to appear at the hearing, along with any submissions and attachments, identified by Docket No. OSHA-2019-0001, at the Federal e-rulemaking portal.

Submissions and requests to appear must be received by June 18.

Proposed modifications will also address issues since implementation of the 2012 standard, and improve alignment with other federal agencies and Canada.

For more information, contact CBIA’s Phillip Montgomery (860.244.1900).