At least 1,260 randomly selected, non-construction workplaces will be inspected as part of the agency's Site Specific Targeting (SST) program. The inspections will be conducted throughout 2013 and focus on workplaces that have 20 or more workers and higher-than-average injury and illness rates.

The SST plan is based on data collected from a survey of 80,000 establishments in high-hazard industries. Through the program, OSHA says it can direct inspection resources to employers where workers are most at risk. The agency will also be conducting a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the SST program.

This year, OSHA's Nursing and Personal Facilities National Emphasis Program will conduct programmed inspections of nursing and personal care establishments, unlike previous years when these inspections fell under the SST program.

In addition to the SST program, OSHA has 11 National Emphasis Programs that intensify inspections on hazards or industries such as lead, silica, shipbreaking, trenching/excavations, and process safety management, and about 140 Regional Local Emphasis Programs.