OSHA has issued guidance for employers reopening businesses and employees returning to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new guidance is designed to supplement recommendations previously released by the federal government.

This includes earlier OSHA guidance on preparing the workplace for COVID-19 and recommendations from the White House.

The guidelines provide general principles for updating restrictions that were initially adopted to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The guidelines stress the need to focus on basic hygiene—including frequent handwashing and facility cleaning—social distancing, identifying and isolating sick employees, workplace controls and flexibility, and employee training.

The guidance includes planning for reopening, OSHA workplace standards and required protections, and employer FAQs.



OSHA said that while the guidance is not a standard or regulation and creates no legal obligations, its recommendations are intended to help employers provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Non-essential businesses should reopen per local and state guidelines while following CDC public health recommendations and other federal requirements or guidelines, OSHA said.

And employers should continue using workplace flexibility, including remote work and alternative business operations, to provide goods and services to their customers, the agency said.

"OSHA recommends that employers continually monitor federal, state, and local government guidelines for updated information about ongoing community transmission and mitigation measures, as well as for evolving guidance on disinfection and other best practices for worker protection," the agency said.

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