OSHA has revised its policy for Outreach Training Programs to address the number of hours each day a student may spend in OSHA 10- and 30-hour classes.

Revised program policy now requires OSHA trainers to limit worker training classes to a maximum of 7.5 hours per day. Ten-hour programs must be conducted over a minimum of two days; 30-hour classes over a minimum of four days.

Before OSHA made the change, there were no limitations on how long these classes could last each day. With 10 hours of training, along with necessary breaks and lunch, students could sit for up to 13 hours a day. The agency became concerned that long class days might cause students to miss essential safety and health information.

The policy change is effective immediately. OSHA says it will not recognize training classes that exceed 7.5 hours per day. In such cases, trainers will not receive completion cards to distribute to students. Trainers may ask to be exempted from the new limitations based on extenuating circumstances.

For more information: www.osha.gov/dte/outreach/construction_generalindustry/guidelines.html