OSHA recently updated a directive that requires programmed inspections of federal agency establishments reporting high numbers of lost time injuries in 2011.

The Federal Agency Targeting Inspection Program (FEDTAG12) directive outlines the procedures for carrying out programmed inspections at some of the most hazardous federal workplaces. OSHA will inspect all establishments reporting 100 or more lost time cases (LTCs) during FY 2011; 50% of those establishments reporting 50 to 99 LTCs; and 10% of those reporting 20 to 49 LTCs.

Changes to the directive include provisions for reviewing alternate and supplementary standards for federal agencies and clarifications of how OSHA Area Directors determine the appropriate number and location of on-site inspections for establishments with multiple services or operations.

FEDTARG12 continues OSHA's nationwide inspection targeting program for federal worksites, which began in 2008 in response to a Government Accountability Office audit recommendation.