Fifty-seven percent of respondents indicated that their organizations pay a premium to employees for holiday work, according to the 2017 Holiday Schedules Survey Findings released today by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Of these organizations, 40% pay double time and 21% pay one-and-a-half-time, while 19% pay overtime and 21% pay some other type of premium.

"Some businesses are not closing on holidays due to their nature of work. Whether it is in retail or health care, employees are being compensated accordingly if there is work being done," says Evren Esen, director of workforce analytics for SHRM.

The survey also shows that while most offices (84%) will remain open during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day (Mon., Dec. 25, through Sat., Dec. 30), 15% of organizations will close their offices that week.

Closed for These Holidays

Holidays that most organizations will observe by closing in 2017 are:

  • Thanksgiving Day (97%)
  • Christmas Day (95%)
  • Labor Day (94%)
  • Memorial Day (93%)
  • Independence Day (93%)
  • New Year's Day 2017 (90%)

SHRM surveyed 415 HR professionals from a randomly selected sample of its members throughout the United States.