Five-Part Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Small Business

Cyberattacks are a major threat to businesses.
Getting hacked can destroy customer trust and cost companies millions of dollars in legal fees, investigations, damage control, and lost income.
Regardless of industry, protection from these attacks must be a top priority. Too many companies underestimate this threat or simply don’t know how to protect themselves until it’s too late.
As a first step towards helping small businesses understand this risk, CBIA is hosting a free, member-only webinar series on cybersecurity preparedness.
Thanks to the generous sponsorship by AT&T, BlumShapiro, Cooperative Systems, Eversource, and Keybank, webinar registration is free for CBIA member companies.

Part I. Your Business: One Click Away From a Cyberattack
9.20.17 | 11 am-12 noon

Kim Bilderback

Presenter: AT&T’s Kim Bilderback

Small to midsize businesses are some of the most vulnerable targets for cyber attacks. Why? Because they don’t think it will happen to them? Because they don’t have the resources to prevent an attack?
Even if you only have one computer, you’re already at risk. The good news? Taking steps to protect your business doesn’t have to be expensive.
In this free, member-only webinar, discover your vulnerabilities and learn how to protect your company and customers.
Kim Bilderback is the senior director of AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions. He has over 10 years of experience on network security for organizations large and small. His team works with organizations nationwide designing and implementing AT&T security solutions in multiple environments resulting in a valuable knowledge base of threat trends and security best practices for enterprises of all sizes. 

Part II. Preventing Cyberattacks
10.11.17 | 11 am-12 noon

Regardless of size or industry, your company needs cybersecurity guidelines.

Jeff Ziplow

Presenter: BlumShapiro’s Jeff Ziplow

This webinar gives you the blueprint for a plan that includes identifying gaps in your security, protecting your information, detecting attacks, responding to an attack, and recovering your data.
We also help you determine if your customers, subsidiaries, and vendors need to be aware of your plan.
As a partner in BlumShapiro’s consulting group, Jeff Ziplow is responsible for the firm’s Risk Management and Process/Controls practices areas. He has significant experience working with organizations to assess their internal IT controls as they relate to business operations and helps to develop recommendations to mitigate risk. He oversees the firm’s cybersecurity risk assessments and provides insight and guidance on developing better security practices. In addition, he works on process and control related projects to enhance operational efficiencies and provide tangible control recommendations.

Part III. Frontline Defense Against Hackers: Your Employees
10.25.17 | 11 am-12 noon

Research shows that employee education is key to protecting your business from cybersecurity threats.

Steve Martocchio

Presenter: Cooperative Systems’ Steve Martocchio

Traditional threat defenses, like anti-virus and perimeter security devices, and policies all play their part, but reducing risk by addressing employee behavior is truly crucial to your business’ overall security posture.
We discuss some of the signs employees should be trained to recognize to evade attacks, and how you can ensure that your people are handling sensitive information in compliant ways.
This webinar also helps you decide whether to educate employees yourself or enlist the support of a third party.
Steve Martocchio is vice president of operations at Cooperative Systems. He brings over 20 years over expertise in information technology and operations management. He has been with Cooperative Systems since 2005, and has considerable experience across the areas of backup and disaster recovery, security, and optimization and automation of networks and technical applications. He is particularly well-versed in data retention, business continuity, and cybersecurity solutions.

Part IV. How to Minimize Cyberattack Damage
11.15.17 | 11 am-12 noon

Jeff Ziplow

Presenter: BlumShapiro’s Jeff Ziplow

Your company has been attacked. How do you respond? Who do you notify? How much will it cost to fix the breach and recover your data? How much of your data has been exposed? Will this result in a lawsuit?
In this webinar, we answer these common questions and more.

Part V. Evaluating Your Company’s Data Protection & Recovery Plan
12.7.17 | 11 am-12 noon

Presenter: Keybank’s Stewart Tosh

Do you have the right risk management plan in place to recover if a breach were to happen?
Even with data encryption and firewalls in place on your office computers, breaches can still happen. Relying simply on technology can give you a false sense of security—and won’t help you manage the aftermath should an attack occur despite your best efforts.
Without a full risk management plan in place, you face a long hard recovery at the risk of bankrupting your business.
In the final chapter of our cybersecurity webinar series, we review how you can put a risk management plan in place that transfers the potential financial risk associated with a data breach away from your organization. You’ll learn the benefits of cyber liability insurance, how it can protect your firm’s assets against suits for damages related to a system breach and how it can help manage internal costs for system forensics, legal expenses, public relations costs, business interruption and crisis response services.
Cybersecurity Webinar Series


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