More pursue advanced degrees than those in other majors

Where do liberal arts and humanities graduates go after graduation?

Three in five liberal arts bachelor's degree graduates (60.5%) from the Class of 2014 landed full-time jobs or a place in graduate school within six months of graduation, according to results of a new study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

NACE's Class of 2014 First-Destination Survey found that 42.2% of liberal arts and humanities graduates were in full-time positions while 18.3% were in graduate or professional school.

Those results are in line with overall outcomes of the survey, which found that two-thirds of the class had a full-time job or was accepted into graduate or professional school within the same time period.

However, the employment/graduate school mix differs between liberal arts grads and the class as a whole. Liberal arts and humanities graduates were more likely to pursue an advanced degree than the class overall (18.3% versus 16.4%), and less likely to have a full-time job (42.2% versus 55.4%).

Within the liberal arts disciplines, the preference for further education is more striking: Philosophy (27.8%), foreign languages (25.1%), history (24%), area studies (21.5%), liberal arts/general studies (21.2%), and English majors (19.8%) all exceeded the overall average handily.

Only visual and performing arts majors bucked the trend. In fact, just 12.3% took the path to an advanced degree, falling below the overall average.

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