Connecticut can't afford more state tax hikes.

We can't afford to lose more jobs, businesses, and families.

ACT-NOW_Tax-HikeState legislators vote this week on a 2017 budget plan that closes a near $1 billion deficit with no tax hikes, $830 million in spending cuts, and leaves the state's Rainy Day Fund untouched.

Call or email your state lawmakers today.

Tell them to approve the no tax hike budget.

With multi-billion dollar shortfalls forecast for 2018 and 2019, fiscal discipline is needed now to break the crippling cycle of budget deficits followed by tax hikes followed by more deficits.

By passing the no tax hike budget, lawmakers will begin the process of getting Connecticut's fiscal house in order and addressing the greater challenges ahead.

We can't afford to lose more jobs, businesses, and families.
While many of the spending cuts in the budget agreement are difficult, we have no alternative.

Raising taxes yet again on individuals and businesses will only make the situation worse and lead to further declining revenues.

The state must solve its budget problems without raising taxes to attract the investments needed for creating jobs in Connecticut.

The time to do that is now.

Passing this budget is just a step--after all, this is the fourth major adjustment in less than 12 months to the two-year budget adopted last June that featured debilitating tax increases.

When lawmakers return next year after the fall elections, they'll need to follow through with long-term structural spending reforms--including a strong, workable spending cap--that will bring stability and growth to Connecticut.