With the full unveiling of his budget due this Wednesday before a joint session of the legislature, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy continues to publicly share elements of his first tax and spending proposal.

Today, his office released this four minute-plus video, in which the Governor outlines the philosophical approach behind drafting a document best characterized by "tough choices and difficult decisions."

"First, I want everyone to hear this loud and clear:  this budget says Connecticut is open for business," Gov. Malloy said.

"The second thing this budget does is restructure state government by making it leaner, cheaper, and a better partner to the business community."

In releasing bits and pieces of the budget over the last week, Malloy said the reason revenue issues were not addressed earlier was "a reflection of the process we went through in developing this budget," offering some additional clues as to what we can expect on Wednesday.

"First we cut spending," he said. "Then we downsized government. Only when those two processes were complete did we begin to look at revenue. 

"Once we got there we again adhered to a few basic principles. First, shared sacrifice. Second, we maintained a competitive advantage over our neighboring states. Third, while I do believe in a progresssive income tax, I do not believe that we should punish success or wealth.
"Fourth, fairness. To look at the sales tax, for example, to see how certain items are taxed while others are not is to understand the corrosive influence special interests have had on our government."