The jobs bill passed both the Connecticut House and Senate with near-unanimous support last night. Governor Dannel Malloy was scheduled to sign the legislation later today.

HB 6801, “An Act Promoting Economic Growth and Job Creation in the State,” addresses several factors inhibiting job creation and growth in Connecticut, including a lack of support for small businesses and a regulatory environment that hinders economic development.

It also features measures to promote innovation, develop short and long term workforce development strategies, and enhance the state’s economic development tools.

CBIA's Joe Brennan discussed the bill's implications this morning with host Logan Byrnes on FoxCT's Morning News.

Brennan later told WNPR's Harriet Jones he hoped the legislature and the executive branch could change the conversation about economic development in the state.

“Our economy discussions in Connecticut have largely turned into a zero-sum game, that if somebody wins somebody else has to lose," he said.

"If business wins, labor loses, or if labor wins, business loses. And we have, I think, lost sight of what we really have to do to nurture an economy that could benefit everybody.”