The final report of the Governor's Business Tax Policy Task Force has been approved by the group and now goes to Gov. Malloy for his review.

Established by the governor’s Executive Order 17, the task force has been reviewing how state tax policy can positively impact economic development and what future legislation can help achieve that goal. 

Included in the report are specific recommendations for legislative and administrative action over the next six years, along with some ideas that could begin much sooner.

“Growing our state economy helps all of us,” said Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan.

He also acknowledged that from the perspective of businesses, "There is a great need for stability and reliability and predictability."

DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith said the group strove to create "a mix that helps consumers, businesses and makes us as competitive as we can possibly be."

They aimed to develop tax policy "that stimulates our economy [and] provides a competitive place for businesses to work."

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