CBIA's Eric Brown fell victim to an editor's knife overnight. Hearst Newspapers political writer Brian Lockhart quickly addressed that in his blog today.

In an earlier lengthy interview with Lockhart, Brown detailed CBIA's position regarding the Department of Environmental Protection expediting its permiting process. Those details failed to make today's print editions of the Hearst stable (News-Times, Connecticut Post, The Advocate, Greenwich Time).

Lockhart wrote today that "CBIA’s position is worth noting here, because although the organization believes the length of time it takes DEP to act on permit requests hurts the economy, the group did not submit testimony favoring the 90 day deadline."

As Lockhart then noted, CBIA wanted to give new DEP Commissioner Daniel Esty, whose confirmation hearing was scheduled for today, an opportunity to address the issue.

“I’ve certainly heard him talk about his willingness to consider this kind of approach and so we would like to work with him and other stakeholders to advance something like that,” Brown told Lockhart.

“I think it’s something that needs a little bit more discussion and he needs to have a chance to get settled in and figure out what he feels is the most appropriate time frame and approach to use.”