As most business owners know, Connecticut is a challenging place to do business thanks to high taxes, plenty of regulations, and a seemingly endless series of state government mandates.

The state Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth was well aware of those challenges in December when it began its work to provide lawmakers with specific recommendations to turn around the state's finances and economy.

Connecticut Business Day speakers Bob Patricelli and Jim Smith.
Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth co-chairs Robert Patricelli and James Smith will speak March 14 at Connecticut Business Day.

The commission, comprised largely of leaders from the state's business community, recently delivered a set of recommendations to lawmakers for consideration in the current General Assembly session.

Commission co-chairs James Smith, former CEO of Webster Bank, and Robert Patricelli, former CEO of Women's Health USA, will speak in detail about their work and recommendations March 14 at Connecticut Business Day.

Some of the commission's recommendations  appear to be good for business and the state's long-term fiscal prognosis.

But other proposals, particularly a proposed business payroll tax, raise serious concerns and will have to be studied to determine their long-term impact on Connecticut's economic competitiveness.

Connecticut Business Day begins  8:30 am March 14 in the Legislative Office Building (300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford) with registration in Room 2D.

That's followed at 9 am by comments from CBIA president and CEO Joe Brennan in Room 2C.

Governor Dannel Malloy will also address business leaders, followed by facilitated discussions on labor and workforce development, fiscal policy, and transportation from 10:30 am to noon.

Connecticut Business Day is a great opportunity to meet and develop working relationships with your lawmakers, and stress to them how important a pro-business legislature and legislation is to the state's success.

For more information, contact CBIA's Adam Ney (860.244.1933).