The Hartford Courant's editorial pages weighed in on the paid sick leave debate this morning. The image (see above) that illustrated  that Op-Ed piece brilliantly defines common sense thinking on this proposed legislation.

"All things considered then, it is a very bad time for the state to impose a costly new mandate on businesses that would put any job-creating momentum at risk," wrote the paper's editorial writer.

"But that's just what would happen if the legislature passes a mandatory paid sick leave bill pushed by organized labor and its Democratic friends in the General Assembly."

The Courant outlined Connecticut's economic realities. A recovery struggling to take hold. A job-creation rate near bottom among all states. The high cost of doing business here. The 100,000 private sector jobs lost during the recession.

The Labor and Public Employees Committee was scheduled to vote on SB 913, the paid sick leave bill, today.

Businesses around the state can only hope those members of the committee considering supporting the bill had a chance to digest the Courant's editorial.

>> Late Update: The Labor and Public Employees Committee approved the bill on a 6-5 vote late today. Senator Anthony Guglielmo (R-Stafford) and Representatives John Rigby (R-Winsted), William Aman (R-South Windsor), Ernest Hewett (D-New London), and Craig Miner (R-Bantam) voted against the bill.

Senators Edith Prague (D-Columbia) and Edwin Gomes (D-Bridgeport) and Representatives Bruce Zalaski (D-Southington), Ezequiel Santiago (D-Bridgeport), Louis Esposito (D-West Haven), and David Kiner (D-Enfield) voted for the bill.