Connecticut State Rep. Sean Williams (R-Watertown) was outspoken in his opposition today as the Energy and Technology Committee debated SB 1176, better known as the energy generator tax.

It's worth listening to WIlliams, as his message resonates well beyond the ramifications of this particular bill.

"What we do here in this building has serious implications," WIlliams said. "Think about what a yes vote -- what kind of a message the yes vote on this bill sends to the business world.

"You know, we said earlier, 'Connecticut is open for business,' right? That's what we all want to say, 'Jobs are the number one priority.' And then we do this? This is what we're going to do?

"We have to focus on jobs this session and not how we grow taxes."

Williams saved his strongest comments for his closing remarks.

"The message that we're sending here in the Energy and Technology Committee is, 'Don't move your energy company here to Connecticut'," he said.

"'Don't come here and create jobs, because if you do, and you make too much of a profit, we're going to come after you.'"

Williams' comments were supported by Rep. Elizabeth Ritter (D-Waterford).

"I don't understand how the state can hold itself out as attempting to create jobs or businesses or even keep the ones that is has now," she said. "I cannot support this bill."