Many voters' knowledge of their state legislative and gubernatorial candidates is limited to the slogans and sound bites they hear on television and radio and see on lawn signs and in direct mail pieces that pile up on the breakfast table.

I wonder, however, what would happen if more voters thought about how much the governor and state legislators impact their daily lives and the day-to-day operations of businesses.

Election 2018: Connecticut voters' priorities
An October 10 Quinnipiac Poll asked voters what issue was most important in determining their vote for governor.

Would they dig a little deeper and try to learn more before casting their ballots?

The people we elect to the General Assembly make tactical decisions every day during the legislative session. Those decisions affect everything—from how high our property taxes are and how much income tax is taken out of our paychecks, to how quickly roads and bridges are repaired, the quality of our education system, and how long it takes for a growing business in your town to obtain the permit it needs to expand operations and create more jobs.

At a more strategic level, the governor sets the tone for the legislative session by laying out a vision for the state and proposing a budget—and the legislature must react to both.

No less impactful is the governor's power to appoint the leaders of state agencies, many of which residents and business people interact with on a regular basis: the departments of Labor, Revenue Services, Energy and Environmental Protection, Insurance, Social Services, and others.

Know Before You Vote

If more voters realized all this, would they do more research and ask candidates probing questions? Would they try and identify those candidates who are truly committed to growing our economy and creating jobs so that our young people want to settle here, businesses stay here, and ensure everyone has a better opportunity to share in Connecticut's unlimited economic potential?

I believe they would, which is why we spend so much time before elections urging voters to get engaged, and it's why we've done some of the work for you when it comes to taking that deeper dive.

For instance, take a look at the in-depth answers the three main gubernatorial candidates shared with us in response to questions we posed about the the state's economy and business climate.

You can find who's running for elected office in your town using our candidate search tool, review voting records for incumbent state legislators, look at past election results, and get information about voter registration deadlines, polling locations, and more using our voter resources guides.

I hope you will take advantage of these resources and do some additional investigating to identify the candidates dedicated to moving Connecticut forward while working diligently to create sustainable, pro-growth solutions to the state's ongoing fiscal problems.

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About the author: Joe Brennan is CBIA's president and CEO.