Using the "How They Voted" special insert published in CBIA's latest monthly member magazine, an employee at United Avionics in Naugatuck [pictured above] learns how state legislators voted over the last two years on key bills impacting the state's economy and job growth. 

We published the insert (among a host of election-related information and resources featured at CBIA's Election 2012 website) because there were, in fact, a number of important votes, including many  that were out of place in an economy struggling to recover from recession.

And with Election Day coming up fast, we believe that the voting record tells the story better than anything else about the candidates who are seeking our support.

For example, just how did incumbent state Senators and Representatives actually vote on:

  • The two-year state budget that further limited the resources available to many businesses to grow and create jobs by raising state income, sales, and corporate taxes but failed to make much-needed cuts in government spending?
  • The jobs bill that took a good first step toward improving the state’s economic climate through a series of measures promoting innovation, developing workforce development strategies, and enhancing economic development tools?
  • A bill that dealt a setback to the state's economic recovery by imposing additional labor costs and administrative burdens and making Connecticut the first state in the country to mandate paid sick leave

Now you can find out about these and several other key votes with our "How They Voted" feature.

And while you're at CBIA's Election 2012 site, spend a few moments to learn more about your candidates, including their backgrounds, government and community experience, and priorities for Connecticut.

 We hear a lot from the candidates. Now it's time for us to learn more about them.