Getting people back to work as soon as possible is one of the main goals of the unemployment compensation system. These days, it’s a much tougher issue.

As the economy continues to struggle, many people are out of work for more prolonged periods of time. And often, jobs are changing or evolving beyond what workers previously performed—which means they may need to be retrained.

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee is holding a public hearing on Thursday, Nov. 10 (starting at 10 am) to explore how states are helping unemployed workers return to work. Among the strategies the committee is expected to hear about: expanded work search, reemployment and eligibility assistance, short-time compensation, self-employment assistance, and targeted education and training for unemployed workers.

You can watch the hearing online at the committee’s website.

Best practices identified in the hearing may be incorporated in legislation addressing unemployment issues to be considered before the end of the year.