Who’s got time to meet candidates?

Election Day is less than two months away and that’s when we’ll all have to make big decisions about who to vote for to represent us at the State Capitol.

Many of us are skeptical of the political ads we’re seeing in startling frequency. In many cases, their over-the-top messages have become “white noise” to us, or we’ve learned to fast-forward by them thanks to the DVR.

All of this might cause you to be cynical and possibly even consider skipping the voting booth on November 6.

But that’s really bad news because we are electing state-level legislators who could arguably affect your business and your life much more immediately than even the president or federal lawmakers.   

The problem is there’s really no good way to meet the candidates and ask them where they stand on the important issues.

Or is there?

Actually, businesses small and large can invite candidates to their office or plant as part of CBIA’s statewide “Business Meets Politics Week” on Oct. 15 to 19

It’s a week designed to bring candidates for the legislature into your business so you and your employees can meet them face-to-face: Ask them questions; hear their responses; see what matters most to them.

The format is up to you: an informal tour, lunch room walk-through, employee meeting. Whether it’s 15 minutes to a full hour, it’s whatever works for your business.

Flanagan Industries’ Ken Flanagan, host of numerous candidate visits in his Glastonbury plant, recognizes how easy—and important—this no-cost employee benefit is.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican,” he says, “what’ s important is that you look at the candidates and that you vote on Nov. 6.”

Two years ago, Flanagan employees met candidates for the state Senate candidates in an informal, midday Q&A.

While some of the employees lived outside of the candidates’ district, Flanagan emphasized that whoever won the election would represent the area in which the company is located. 

There’s little time to waste: Contact CBIA’s Liz Krueger today at 860.244.1169 or liz.kreuger@cbia.com to find out more about Business Meets Politics Week and how your company can get involved.

And get ready for your visits by learning about the candidates at CBIA’s Election 2012 website.

Candidates are waiting for their “assignments,” so call today.