Self-billed as “The Location Advisor,” Business Facilities magazine every year sizes up how the 50 states are doing on a wide range of factors, from business climate to jobs, education, labor costs and transportation.

However, the magazine’s 2012 Rankings Report pretty much limits itself to top-10 (or top-5) lists--providing no wider picture of where all the states place in each category, or how they compare year-to-year.

That’s a disappointment, because here’s the problem: Connecticut doesn’t show up on most of the magazine’s nearly fifty top-10 lists.

Our top 10s

Exceptions include the top-10 rankings for per capita income, education climate and aerospace/defense industry leaders—some of our state’s natural and longstanding strengths.

We also shine (#3) in the workforce health and safety ranking—something that state lawmakers should note.

Targets of opportunity

But wouldn’t it be great to be in the national top-10 for such categories as “jobs growth leaders,” “biotechnology strength: employment leaders” and “economic growth potential”—especially because that’s where the state lately has been focusing efforts?

But we’re not.

How about being in the top-10 for “most business startups” or “best business tax climate”?

Not this year.

The bottom line is, we’re not there yet.

We’re making progress, but other states have the jump on us in many business-friendly measures.

Blurry picture

Admittedly, the Business Facilities feature is a blurry, incomplete picture. But it does show that progress can and must be made.  And for Connecticut, there is great room to grow—witness the latest doubts of economists about our recovery from the recession.

Which is why the next General Assembly must redouble efforts to help Connecticut employers increase their investments in the state, create more jobs, and drive our economic recovery.

Building a successful business takes persistence, perseverance and vision. Will our lawmakers apply the same attributes to focus on proposals that will help recharge our economy--and get us into more top-10 lists?